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We make products that are smart, aesthetical and simple. And we call it S.A.S. Design.

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How we work?

We’re a digital agency based in Prague that helps huge Silicon Valley startups as well as smaller Czech projects to make the world a better place. Thanks to our approach, we maintain great relationships with our clients.

I was sitting in a garage, our first office. It was getting cold and I was thinking about what do the clients want when they order design. Do they want a result? Do they want to make more money? Do they want a solution? Everyone wants something else. But they all want one thing—somebody they can rely on. Somebody who’ll understand them and truly help them.

And what do we want to do? Something that has a purpose. That’s when it came to me. Our goal is to serve. To serve people by making their lives better, by serving our clients by helping them create products that’ll be useful, simple and beautiful.

That’ll make people happy when they use them. With whom they’ll form relationship and to whom they’ll return, because their brands would be simple and easy to remember. If someone walked up to me and said that in a couple of years I’ll have a team of great people who can make this come true—and even exceed the client’s expectation—I’d probably get lazy and wouldn’t be where I’m today. So thank you. Thank you that I can look forward to what we’ll create next.

Yurii von Chitkzki
— founder





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