Web App, Mobile App, Website

About the project

Glasshouse is the modern home care platform designed to maintain the connection between builders and homeowners throughout the lifecycle of the home. Our main task was to create a new web and mobile application that would easily connect homeowners, house managers, and their partners.

The Glasshouse website is the main online landing platform where homeowners and pros can learn about the product portfolio provisioned for its user groups. The website is designed responsively to accommodate for any screen size and device.

The Glasshouse Partner Portal web app is a complex and highly sophisticated home maintenance management system, designed for general contractors and building company administrators to manage, oversee and communicate with their house managers and their homeowners. Due to the high volume of functionalities, the web app required an intuitive and easy-to-follow UI for a positive and effective user experience.

The main request of the client was a clean interface, focused calls to action, yet maintaining the original design direction. It was crucial to present a minimalistic design to provide simplicity for administrators at creating new work orders on behalf of their house managers. Further, it was necessary to highlight the innovative nature of the Glasshouse products.