Torres de Praga


Brand Identity, Website

About client

Torres de Praga is a travel agency focusing on Spanish-speaking tourists – from Spain and Latin America. The company provides many different activities and tours of all kinds, group and private. They function mainly around Prague but offer tours to other cities (Karlovy Vary, Kutná Hora, Terezín, Český Krumlov, Pilsner, Dresden, and others). Apart from guided tours, they provide and sell other tourist services such as concert tickets, theatre entries etc.

The issue

The biggest issue of Torres de Praga as a company was a lack of any marketing or visual communication. There was no brand identity, before this project the client had only a logo and the rest was build based on online free templates or in text editors. All of that has led our client to a non-existing communication of a brand. Such lack of proper representation generally makes a brand appear flat, not sending any message, not having a character or something strong to show what they stand for and create interest. Dealing with that was our biggest chellenge.

Target group

The target group is very wide. In the age of 18-30, activities and excursions are reserved for both men and women, and they are most likely to buy the cheapest option that the brand offers. In the 30-70 age group, there are mostly women (60-65%), who are more sophisticated and are likely to spend more.


We have created a complex brand identity based on the need of the client. The visuals speak to us throughout the vibrant experience, bright colours and friendly illustrations. All together they create a great communication tool speaking with a potential and current clientele.


For the logo, we chose to use the name of the brand – Torres de Praga, which originally is only a last name of a founder, but in Spanish it also means Tower. That way we end up with a double meaning – Towers of Prague. We used the shape of Prague’s most famous tower – Powder Tower.

Colour palette

The colour palette is the key starting point to create a successful brand identity. We decided to keep the orange as the primary colour but added the other bright colours, such as red and yellow to refresh the logo and highlight the modern vision of a brand.


For the primary font, we decided to keep the font that brand had originally in its previous logo -Kanit. It’s well chosen sans serif type with soft bold shape. We complemented it with the secondary font – Montserrat.

The combination of the details in the visual identity creates the right representation for a successful brand, positioning itself as friendly, active and modern. The identity also helps to make the company memorable and attract their clients to come back.